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    Jay on Phoebe

    Just what happened to be you hoping for?

    To get to know some one great.

    First impressions?

    Really cool and fun.

    What do you speak about?

    Every little thing – like our lives as music artists, and exactly how it’s both difficult and exciting on the road much less travelled.

    Any awkward minutes?

    She stated she may well not get past the aperitif on an awful go out, therefore I’m using fact I managed to make it into the treat drink as an indicator we got on.

    Great dining table ways?


    Most sensible thing about their?

    She’s herself always.

    Would you introduce the woman your pals?


    Describe Phoebe in three terms.

    Joyous, free, convivial.

    Precisely what do you think she manufactured from you?

    I am hoping she found myself an acceptable dinner partner.

    Do you continue somewhere?

    We had been the last to depart the cafe, therefore no.

    And… do you kiss?

    No. In the event we did, i mightn’t inform. My personal mum will check out this.

    In the event that you could change one thing about the night, what can it be?

    I’dnot have purchased the sherry. Also sweet!

    Marks from 10?

    I’d speed Phoebe’s company as a 9.

    Are you willing to meet once more?

    I really hope very. Is actually love from the notes? My personal impulse says no.

    Phoebe on Jay

    What were you longing for?

    Fun, a delicious supper also to meet an overall babe.

    First impressions?

    I did not want him – but he was obtaining the champers in, so a good start!

    What do you speak about?

    Artwork, contentment, love, life…

    Any uncomfortable minutes?

    The guy seemed somewhat shy initially, nevertheless talk, as well as beverages happened to be streaming immediately.

    Great dining table manners?

    Best! Always topped my cup upwards before their own.

    Most sensible thing about him?

    He’s a northerner! His artistic drive and his optimism.

    Would you present him to your friends?

    Of course.

    Describe Jay in three words?

    Pleased, private, passionate.

    What exactly do you believe the guy manufactured from you?

    He was astonished by just how available I happened to be.

    Did you carry on someplace?


    And… did you hug?


    If you could transform a factor concerning night, what can it be?

    For fulfilled my great man.

    Marks regarding 10?

    8 – it absolutely was enjoyable.

    Do you really meet again


    No, but I would suggest coffee whenever we bumped into each other.

    Jay and Phoebe ate at
    Camino Blackfriars
    , London EC4. Fancy a blind time? Mail

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